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The latest trends

Ongoing digitization

Expect to see continuous digitalization and a digital response to the growing need to adapt more quickly to customer needs through operations, structure and different service conditions.


Business shaping the legislation

Changes in legislation continue to affect the way management consulting continues to affect business behavior.


Market focus

Companies are looking to develop ways to deal with the low-cost and specialized high-value sector, causing transformation in the areas of business models, pricing structures and brand architecture.


Digital integration

The trend in 2021 will be for consultants to develop comprehensive digital strategies and update existing business and operational models in a way that continues to connect with stakeholders.


Failed fast methodology

While digitization includes part of business growth, the industry will continue to realize that money alone does not buy innovation, but adapts to growing automation and changes in business models and operations.


Talent recruitment

Recruiting new talent moves to find who has the best skills along with the problem of retaining people from a product perspective.

Multi-source mode

Challenges and trends in the management consulting industry continue to move towards a multi-source model – multi-sourcing in various forms in partnership with academics, digital agencies and technology companies.


Talents for hire

These partnerships allow customers to hire parts from niche companies or freelancers who quickly turn the necessary products and services to them with little or no additional cost – competing with large companies in price, lead time and often quality.


Process of choosing a consulting company

In this regard, clients use online services that allow them to conduct research to determine which consultation best suits their needs and to quickly find an expert on the issues.


Continuing education

Between changing business models, freelance digitalization, and the entry of other companies, people continue to innovate to keep pace with technological change in industries.

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