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Web consulting services


As external analysts, we will review and analyze the company’s IT systems and the client’s business needs by designing both comprehensive services and limited scope projects to implement an appropriate technological solution in order to achieve the set business goals and challenges.

The typical focus of the consultation is to offer a strategy for a positive IT transformation of the company.

Each client receives the most appropriate solution, consistent with the desired positioning of the company in the market, through various packages in this area:


FACEBOOK marketing and advertising package


Professional support, management and development of Facebook pages

Publishing thematic material related to the activities of your business

Publication of thematic material with a photo and company logo

Publish thematic material with a link to your site

Publication of materials engaging users / fans

Build an emotional connection with the fans

Target an audience to the site via Facebook

Track and share posts

Systematic publications

Advertising campaigns, promotions, games, etc.



Website package


Page management and maintenance,

Keyword research and strategy

Strategy and composition for market positioning

Sponsored advertisements;

Marketing and strategy analysis,

Sponsored posts through social networks

Interactive posts

Targeting your target audience

Strategic promotion

Creating a logo

Design, analysis, inventory and site map



Individual package Client


Each client individually determines their advertising budget according to their needs and goals. Our goal is to increase the number of your customers and brand recognition to your website, which will ensure the return on your investment in the long run.

The professional work done by web design studio Neil Seo built one of the many successful Facebook ads, which ranked “Clover” in first place in the prestigious ranking “Favorite Brand of Bulgaria” by consumers and built the image of the brand on the market.

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