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Hotels and restaurants


The project you have or plan to implement is different for everyone. Make the right decision from people who prove themselves every day, have a team with practical experience in daily work and run successful businesses!

The new dynamics of the hotel industry have created the need for more flexible options in the aspects of branding, management, franchising and ownership.

Our team of hospitality experts has extensive international experience, covering a wide range of areas, services and training, and will help you achieve stable financial results and return on your investment.

As a hotel management consulting company specializing in independent, boutique and lifestyle hotels, we will help you build, improve, develop, transform or introduce an innovative idea that meets your needs and vision for success. The key to successfully increasing profits is by investing in people, through unique concepts, through innovation and love of detail, as well as everyday solutions that determine only part of the set goals for implementation.

After consultation and research we will offer you the most suitable solution, because guests want to like your hotel. Our job is to make sure that guests like your hotel and are willing to pay for that pleasure, and come back again for more.

We focus on determining the best job option to create highly efficient hotels with unique features by providing high quality and excellent customer service. We use this and the unique nature of independent hotels to achieve a high rating of guest satisfaction as well as an online reputation.

Whether it is a luxury five-star hotel or a small family hotel, we will show you how to grow your business, attract new customers, maximize your market presence, invest in staff and garner rave reviews.

Hotels and restaurants Waste Consulting Ltd Hotels and restaurants Waste Consulting Ltd

Our consulting services include:




Concept and strategy for development


We work in a team to create the best and most successful use of property and to develop a strategy for the realization of the vision. We will offer options that maximize assets, determine feasibility, in order to create a distinctive, one-of-a-kind hotel.

Operational Review and Management


We will review and streamline operations and work systems to maximize efficiency for the guest experience. Our areas of expertise include the management of boutique hotels and restaurants, spa, recruitment and management, staff training, setting up IT for hotels, creating and implementing standards and amenities, etc ..



Marketing and public relations


Our marketing services include various services and public relations, website and brand development, logo design, strategy and advertising, social media, photography and copywriting. We will work with you to determine the best partners for your property for a comprehensive marketing strategy and management.




Financial analysis and control


We develop financial and operational programs to help forecast the financial capacity and potential return on investment. Services include financial analysis and forecasting, accounting and control as well as a capital raising strategy.



From A to Z


Whether you want to open a new hotel or change something, we work with design and development teams to ensure that the functional and aesthetic needs of guests, staff and owners are planned and met during all phases of design, construction or renovation.

Elaboration of projects


The entire work process will be presented in the necessary detailed form for presentation to investors, owners and financial institutions, including various forms and summaries according to the requirements of the client or stakeholder.


Do you want to have better results? Bring the experts!