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Professional courses and trainings


We offer you to make the best investment for your business. Together with our partners, who have been selected for the professional courses and trainings they conduct, we provide expert, appropriate and modern support to owners and managers in the hotel, restaurant and tourism sector, business development and industry leaders for the next generation.

We use an individual approach to each client and work with different sectors with experience and values to provide highly personalized services that include result orientation, customer focus and a flexible approach.

One goal that all owners share is to have a profitable business, great staff and satisfied customers. We include technology and expertise to stimulate revenue and cost optimization to achieve business goals.

For example, we focus on five key areas in hotel operations to optimize:

Management: tracking return on investment

Reporting: what the figures say through daily reports along with information and forecasts.

Marketing: optimization and creation of innovative packages and offers.

Group and direct sales: attracting new guests.

Pricing: profitability of prices and management of sales goals.

Professional courses and trainings Waste Consulting Ltd Professional courses and trainings Waste Consulting Ltd

We know that the most valuable assets of a business are its employees and for this, through reputation, innovation and achievement, we adapt our services to meet your needs. Sophisticated strategic style and

specialized focus focuses on both the emotional and practical aspects of the hotel’s operations to provide guests with a truly memorable experience.