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Small and family business


The University of St. Gallen in Switzerland recent report reveals that family businesses account for almost 90% of business worldwide. Among them are prominent organizations that are extremely important in the global economy.

Businesses and companies differ in size, specialization and focus. At one end of the market, larger companies offer complete solutions, and at the other, small and family companies offer specialized skills and knowledge in the industry. We help small, medium and family business owners in managing their business in all aspects of leadership, management, planning, finance and more. to achieve the set business goals.

Regardless of location, most family businesses today face complex challenges in terms of resources, management and structure. Ensuring business sustainability is often challenged and hinders the successful transition from one generation to the next. We provide unbiased views and experience from business partners such as management consultants, organizational and behavioral psychologists, business and financial advisors – depending on the scope of the requirements.

Small and family business Waste Consulting Ltd Small and family business Waste Consulting Ltd
  • The main areas of experience are very diverse and may include elements such as:
    • Leadership and development
    • Team management and effectiveness
    • Change management
    • Resource planning and development